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The Horezu depressionary area is a true cradle of Romanian folk culture, where, over time, talent, spiritual beauty and diligence of local people gave rise to many customs, traditions and crafts that continue nowadays. Among the most popular crafts that brought fame to this land, modeling and decorating pottery, fabrics, embroidery, stitching, decorative woodworking, etc are counted.

The talent and sensibility of the Romanian peasant, illustrated in the folk costume, in the patterns of carpets, in wood or ceramic ornaments, in the chromatic aspect, in the harmony, balance and wisdom of the conception on life, cosmos and divinity, all these, assimilated to the Brancovian art in its entirety, contributes to the definition of a style also expressed in architecture, painting, wood and stone carving.

When analysing contemporaneity, we notice that the motives used by potters are always the same, showing some formal conservatism, by the continuity of morphological elements, doubled however by a semantic discontinuity, as although the signs continue to be inherited from a generation to another, they are not accompanied by their original meaning anymore. The emblem of the ceramic centre from Horezu is the rooster, the symbol of soul’s resurrection and immortality.

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