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Weather in the Horezu Depression
Max.: 21°C
Min.: 7°C

Horezu city is located in a depression area, bordered by the prolongations of the Căpăţânii Mountains in the north region and by Măgura Slătioara in the south region, at an altitude that varies between 450 to 550 m.

The administrative territory of the city, disposed in altitude levels, is extended towards north up to the main crest of Căpăţânii Mountains, at altitudes exceeding 2000 m (Vf. Ursu, 2,124.6 m).

From west to east it is crossed by the Luncavăţ, Luncăvecior, Râmești, Horezu and Bistricioara streams, all of them having the flow direction from north to south, representing a hydrographic network that creates a floodplain landscape of terraces and piedmont hills/interfluves.

Sub-mountain and mountain landforms, having as a support a complex geological structure, disposed in altitude levels, enrich the landscape layout of the area and create opportunities for leisure and recreation tourism.

The harnessed ski area in Vf. lui Roman areal, is a favourable premise for the development of winter sports.

the routes of the main watercourses, often accompanied by forestry paths, which are very picturesque, are places for spending the weekend at a picnic or for camping.

The rich forestry area, represented by deciduous and coniferous forests, cover the southern hillsides of Căpăţânii Mountains, creates an attractive, clean environment, recom¬mended for active holidays.

The flora of the mountain meadows and of grasslands, of an impressive diversity depending on the altitude, enriches the natural landscape with multicolour floristic species.

Climatic elements of the area, with¬out extreme values, are favourable for practicing tourism throughout the year, and to rejuvenate the body subjected to stress (hill climate – sedative sparing with average annual temperature of approximately 6°C).

The hunting (species with cynegetic value) and recreational fishing area, extremely valuable, especially on the upper flows of the streams, upstream from human settlements.