Căpăţânii Mountains

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Căpăţânii Mountains are located within the Meridional Carpathians, and namely in the group of mountains between Olt and Jiu. They are constituted of a high ridge, prolonged by approximately 50 km, oriented towards the west-east side, on which shorter and more sloping Northern ramifications and longer Southern ramifications that are less inclined, are perpendicularly aligned. In their majority, ridges are heavily wooded.

However, there are considerable areas of mountain voids, which favoured the pastoral life and the appearance of a dense network of paths.

In contrast with the aspect of rounded peaks, two Dolomite cities arise, Tîrnovul and Buila, the first to the north from the main ridge, the last to the south, being themselves inexhaustible sources of natural beauty. To these areas, the rocks and gorges cord from the southern foothills (Polovragi, Bistriţa, Arnota, Buila, Stogșoare etc.) are added.